Tips For Getting A CT Scan And Other Medical Procedures

Going to the hospital or visiting a doctor is never a fun and enjoyable experience.  When we are not feeling well, we want a doctor to come in and cure us with a magic wand.  However, this is not where medical science has taken us.  When going to the doctor we will need to be checked out by procedures like a CT scan in Fair Lawn.

CT scan in Fair Lawn

Show up early

When it comes to tests and other medical procedures you want to show up early.  Some of the equipment may need to be setup and tested before scans are completed.  If you show up early and let people know you are there, they can start setting up this equipment and ensure it is ready for when it is your turn.

Wear lose fitting clothing

When going for a scan don’t wear clothes that are complicated.  You want to wear lose fitting clothing or clothing that you can easily remove.  When going through your procedure you will need to wear a hospital gown or other requirements.  As such, the sooner you can undress and redress the sooner you can get in and out of the procedure.

Don’t wear jewelry or perfume

You want to take a shower before going in for any procedure.  You will also want to go in clean.  This means no deodorant, perfume, cologne or other body oils that could be picked up or have a reaction with the machine.  If the doctor doesn’t give you and specific instructions or directions, you will want to go in as minimal as possible.

Be rested and relaxed

Going through some of these machines can be temperamental and many people may react adversely to them.  As such, you want to be well rested and relaxed.  If you are stressed or if you tense up, move or act up with the machine is on, they may get false readings, or they may have to have you do the scan again.